Recruitment trends of IT enterprises

Most Vietnam IT companies plans to increase the number of employees, accompanied by an average salary increase of 11.3%, according to ITVIEC’s report.

The report “Recruitment of IT 2023” was surveyed by ITVIEC at 200 IT companies nationwide, implementation time on 9-31/1. In particular, the statistics of many plans related to recruitment of personnel, salary policies and working regimes will be applied in the year.

Accordingly, 81.5% of companies in the survey set up a plan to increase the number of IT employees, the common growth rate of 11-30% (accounting for 31.7% of feedback). The average salary increase for IT employees is about 11.3%, planned by 55.4% of the survey units.

Representatives of the analytical unit, the global economic and political figure is facing many instability and the wave of firing (layoffs) spread. 18.5% of the employer participated in ITVIEC’s survey intended to reduce or not change the number of IT employees this year. This is the highest ratio for this plan recognized by ITVIEC since 2020, based on employers’ feedback on the question “The plan to grow IT team in the next 12 months”.

Most employers change the plan to wait for the recovery of the economy, besides other causes such as: the number of projects decreases, the investment situation changes …

Regarding candidates, JavaScript, Java and Nodejs continues to be the most sought -after skills this year (similar to 2022 results).

“Salary IT Report 2022-2023” published by ITVIEC in November 2022, Top 3 programming languages, IT skills used by experts most popular including: JavaScript, C#, Java. Regarding the top Libraries/Frameworks, NodeJS ranked third with 20% of IT experts today.

Data from the above two surveys are conducted in both employers and IT experts. This shows that there is a correlation between actual recruitment needs and professional resources.

In addition to the aforementioned technical skills, employers also expect new IT staff to own other skills such as: problem solving skills, Agile/Scrum, fluent English, communication skills and skills cooperate…

Regarding the positions they want to recruit in the year, the top 5 is planned to recruit the most including Back-end developer, Front-end developer, Full-Stack Developer, Mobile Developer and QA-QC.

Senior IT candidates with an average of 3-4 years of working experience are most sought after by employers, according to 61.6% response. When the technologies deployed into the system constantly changing and the project has higher complexity, the employer also needs to enhance the recruitment of high -level competency experts, processing experience as well as the ability to update. technology more often. Compared to a newly graduated team or a few years of experience, Senior IT experts are prioritized by the basic knowledge from design, programming, testing to system updates, multitasking and thinking ability and thinking. more covered.

In addition to the aforementioned plans, 46.2% of the company continues to keep the model “Working flexibly – Combining working at the company and working at home (hybrid)” in 2023, on average 2- 3 working days at home every week.

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