‘China’s chatgpt’ causes disappointment on the launch day

The launching ceremony of Chatbot Ai Ernie of Baidu Search firm is rated, making users fall in love with just a video that is shot.

In early February, Baidu’s shares skyrocketed 13% after the company confirmed the plan to launch the same tool as chatgpt in March. Chatbot Wenxin Yiyan, English is Ernie Bot, raising hope to be a representative worthy of China’s attention in the race to create people like real people. Baidu also claimed that Ernie would help the company to revive business.

However, after the launch on March 16, many people were skeptical about Ernie’s competitiveness compared to Chatgpt. During the event, Robin Li, CEO of Baidu, introduced the video to Ernie’s chat window and the questions were imported. He acknowledged that the company only performed the test with the content of preparation in advance.

Mr. Li said, Ernie will only be opened to a group of user -invited users from March 16, while partners can register to integrate AI chatbot into their products through the Baidu cloud platform.

The disappointment is expressed through a series of satirical comments from users when the event broadcast on WeChat with two million followers. According to the Financial Times, after the launch is not as expected, Baidu stocks dropped by 10% on March 16.

The plan to announce Ernie took place after many other American technology companies such as Openai and Google achieved advancements in promoting AI’s development. This week, Openai has released GPT-4, with the latest artificial intelligence statement that can easily pass the most harshest exams in the United States.

Meanwhile, Microsoft also integrates GPT-4 into Bing search engines and other products. Not inferior, some Chinese technology giants are racing to launch the “domestic chatgte” version. Analysts have previously believed to invest in AI and Baidu’s natural language technology will help the Group lead the market soon.

Two Baidu staff revealed that Openai released Chatgpt in November 2022 made Baidu be guarded because he did not believe that a startup has superior technology. Shortly thereafter, Chinese technology firm struggled to catch up and perform Ernie tweaking process. “We can only explore by ourselves. Openai takes more than a year to train chatgpt and need another year to adjust the GPT-4. It means that Baidu has been two years slow,” said Baidu’s employee.

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